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Speak the Truth with Love (orig. June 2014, updated Aug. 2017)
Ten Lies of Satan
Believer's Baptism
The Race
The Exchange
Beautiful (print quality with graphics) (I will make a note when this file is updated, but for now, the one below is up to date.)
Beautiful (small file size, with highlighting) (Please note this file was updated Feb. 2017)
Hearts Far from Me
Book of Remembrance
Judgment Day
In Time or Too Late
Suffer for His Sake
Thief on the Cross
Do Not Be Deceived
Once Enlightened
Trampled Underfoot
Spirit of Christ
Bait and Switch
Equal Rights
Artificial Love
Bad Company
Unity of the Body of Christ
Be Holy
The Gift (Whole Heart)
My Song (updated May 2017)
The Glass Fence
The Difference
The Bible vs. The Shack
Put on Christ
Who Overcomes
True Reformer (Possessing Everything)
Time to Wake Up
Question for You
Be Angry and Do Not Sin
The Way is Hard
True Freedom
Parables About Readiness
Set Free
Heart Turned Away
Your Team
Different Drum
A Willing Heart (orig. July 2017, a few edits Aug. 2017)
The Eclipse
A Regular Person
How to Live Your Last Days
Light and Salt (or Stand Up for the REAL Jesus, the TRUE Light of the World)
Not Under the Law (or The Emperor's New Clothes)
What Kind of Faith? (or "Let no one deceive you.")
All Fall Short
The End of All Things
Mirror, Mirror
Be a Light
True Reformation (and True Transformation)
Never Turn Back (from Following Jesus)
Things to Come (revised Nov. 2017)
The Narrow Door
Clothe Yourselves
His Anointing
Letter of Encouragement (to Parents of Young Children)
To Inherit or Not to Inherit
Walk by Faith Not Sight (Or No Longer Blind?)
Letter of Caution (and corresponding chart: Declarations vs Prayers and Supplications)
Head of the Church
Radical Love
Vine of Sodom
Exceedingly Great Joy
This Just In (original post 12-11-17, significantly clarified and expanded 12-14-17)
Armies of Angels
Received with Gratitude
Call No One Father
Be Warmed and Filled
Do Not Lie To One Another
Eating with Egyptians

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